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Our Services

We are Wen & Associates, Inc., experts in performing investigative work on criminal and civil, State and Federal court cases in Bay area and in California. We have more than ten years in investigation business.

We can help prepare subpoena’s, releases, and record requests in criminal/civil, state and federal matters. Probate and asset identification/recovery are also areas we investigate.

We keep open lines of communication with attorneys and clients with regard to any aspect of the case.

Our firm and all of its employees are experienced and have exceptional interpersonal communication and varied Chinese language skills (Cantonese, Mandarin and Taishanese).

We specialize in the following areas:

  1. *Criminal and civil litigation, scene investigation, accidents, alleged crimes, domestic, subpoena, surveillance.
  2. *In Pro Per in criminal/civil litigation where a client cannot afford an attorney
  3. *Locating witness & interview and writing reports, accurate reports reflecting diligent interviews.
  4. *Court appearances, testify in trial & trial preparation
  5. *Language translation (English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and German)
  6. *Video /audio recording and cloud use for audio and video data transfers
  7. *Serving Subpoena/Summon/Release/Motions
  8. *Problem solving for tenant and landlord issues
  9. *Property check/ background check/Employment related background searches
  10. *Construction related problem issues (permit and complaint record searches) Union and Trade council work to determine who is working wear and with what credentials.
  11. *Identity verification
  12. *Landlord or Tenant Defense
  13. *Divorce/Marriage issue
  14. *DMV information search
  15. *Worker compensation Fraud and Surveillance
  16. *Security/ Class action investigation
  17. *Background/employment verifications and financial investigations. 

We can listen, translate, summarize or transcribe wiretaps and/or witness statements. Any cases involving the Chinese language would benefit from our firm’s expertise.

Let us know if we can be of assistance to you.

Wen & Associates, Inc.    CA Pi License #188189


Wen & Associates, In​c.  有家偵探社

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